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Artificial Lawns by Royal Grass

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Enjoy a quality artificial lawn with Royal Grass; a leading international artificial grass supplier in 40 countries including UK, USA and Europe. Royal Grass UK offer a nationwide supply and installation service with offices in the West Midlands, Essex, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Royal Grass are astro turf experts for garden lawns, playground flooring, landscaping and outdoor flooring. A range of realistic artificial grass products are available. Now you can benefit from a perfectly green lawn all year round with no maintenance.

Imitation Grass

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Third generation artificial turf (3g turf) is now available. 3G is the best imitation grass you can buy as it is significantly more advanced than old plastic grass first developed in the 1980s. The days of vivid bright green plastic grass are gone so now you can enjoy a lawn that is not only maintenance free but looks great too. Your new artificial lawn by Royal Grass will look so natural that neighbours will ask how you maintain such a perfect lawn.

There are a wide variety of products available to meet your needs and your budget.

Quality Artificial Grass

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Your house will have curb appeal with our quality plastic grass and your garden will be aesthetically pleasing all year round. Even when you examine the grass closely, it will look realistic just like natural turf. Artificial grass is a great investment because it will add value to your home and your lawn will eventually pay for itself with no more watering, mowing and weeding.

Realistic Artificial Grass

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With 3g artificial grass (such as Royal Grass XL shown above) you can now enjoy a synthetic garden that looks perfectly natural. This is made possible because:

  • 4-tone colours imitate the shades of green found in a natural lawn
  • a varying pile height imitates the growth diversity of each natural blade of grass
  • a moss infill imitates the texture of a garden lawn

Royal Grass is Lead Free and Manufactured in Europe

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lead free

Some artificial grass suppliers are able to beat Royal Grass on price because they import turf from outside the EU. Such imports are not manufactured to the same quality standard and are not subject to the same health and environmental regulations. For example, there has been a problem with turf imported from China that contains lead.

Lead is toxic and can cause serious health problems, especially to children. Lead should therefore not be in artificial grass because you would be exposed to it when sitting, touching or playing on the grass.

All turf supplied by Royal Grass is manufactured inside the EU and is lead free.

Pet Friendly Imitation Grass

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Dogs love to run and lay on an artificial lawn because it looks and feels just like natural grass. Dog owners also love imitation grass because when the dog comes inside the house there are no muddy paw prints! If it has been installed correctly, it is impossible for a dog to dig up the artificial lawn so your grass will be preserved to a high standard at all times. Cleaning animal excrement from the artificial lawn is easy – simply collect the large pieces as normal then hose down the rest.

Imitation grass will help you to spend more time enjoying your garden and less time on maintenance and cleaning.

Feel the Quality of Royal Grass

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Good imitation grass is dense, at least 25mm in height and at least two tone in colour to give a realistic appearance. Royal Grass not only imitates the appearance of natural grass but also the comfort. You want to enjoy walking, sitting and playing on your artificial lawn. Now you can have a comfortable soft, pet friendly and child friendly lawn without the mud thanks to a soft texture and a cushioned base found in 3g turf by Royal Grass.

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