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Artificial Grass Frequently Asked Questions

Artificial Grass

How much does artificial grass typically cost?

Depending on your supplier and the quality of grass, the price can range between £7 and £30 per square metre. View our artificial grass products showcase for some examples.

What is synthetic grass made of?

Most synthetic grass products consist of polypropylene or polyethylene lubricated with silicone. The manufacturing process tufts the material into a cloth and applies a latex underlay for stability. Therefore, the materials used are polypropylene, silicone and latex. Additionally, the installation will require sand or rubber as an infill.

What is astro turf?

AstroTurf® is a registered trademark often misused as a general term to describe artificial grass. This is a common misunderstanding prevalent in several industries and is known as a genericised trademark. Other examples include Xerox, Sellotape, Hoover, Kleenex, Frisbee and now astro turf.

What are some applications for artificial grass?

Artificial grass can be used for garden lawns, sports, putting greens, all weather pitches, school playground flooring, outdoor flooring, dog runs and indoor carpets. Other products derived from artificial grass include decking covers, garden fencing and astro turf mats. Interestingly, artificial plants are also closely associated with the artificial turf industry.

How popular is fake grass?

This has yet to be researched. However, over two thousand residential fake grass lawns were installed across in the UK during 2007. The popularity of fake grass is set to increase due to adverse weather conditions such as hosepipe bans (especially in 2006) and recent flooding.

Fake grass first became popular in the United States following a series of famous sport installations by Chemgrass, now known as Astroturf®; the most significant of which was at the Houston Astrodome in 1966.

Is synthetic grass UV stable?

Synthetic grass will not fade or discolour in direct sunlight.

Is pest control a problem?

Moles, burrows, rabbit holes and ant nests should all be removed before installing an artificial grass lawn. You should consult a pest control specialist to ensure there are no threats.

Is drainage a problem?

Synthetic grass has a latex backing which is permeable. Flooding will therefore not occur as any surface water will drain through to the ground below.

Is artificial grass flame retardant?

Fake grass is not flammable. However, it will singe, burn and eventually melt at high temperatures. Cigarretes, fireworks and ashes are not advised on an artificial lawn as the material can be permanently damaged. Finally, consider asking your supplier if the fake grass underlay is fireproof as it may contain cloth in addition to latex.

What is the best artificial grass product?

The best product is the one most suited to your needs. Garden lawns, field turf, outdoor flooring, dog runs and school playground flooring would all have different requirements. You will notice artificial grass has varying properties of impact absorbtion, realism, texture and durability. The grass underlay is also important; for instance safety flooring would typically have a type of shock pad applied beneath the artificial grass.

Artificial Garden Lawns

How realistic is an artificial garden lawn?

Original artificial lawns had monotone (single colour) grass blades and regular pile heights (grass blades all same length) with a dull appearance and rough texture.

Modern artificial lawns now use tri-colour, varying pile heights and silcone to produce a realistic, soft and non-uniform appearance. View our artificial grass gallery to see some photos.

How durable is an artificial lawn?

Most good suppliers will guarantee your artificial lawn against any defect for at least five years. An artificial lawn surface is suitable for withstanding intense use if it has been correctly installed.

What maintenance is required for an astro turf garden?

Simply brush away any leaves from your astro turf lawn and rinse away any dirt with your hose. Many residential gardens are installed with astro turf due to this easy maintenance with no need for lawn mowing.

Do weeds grow through synthetic grass?

A weed membrane layer should be applied beneath the latex of your synthetic grass to prevent growth through to the surface. If any weeds do appear on your lawn then simply pull them out.

Are garden parties, BBQs or picnics recommended on artificial grass?

Modern artificial grass is a soft, non-abrasive surface and is thus ideal for picnics. Exercise care with BBQs or cigarettes because ashes will leave scorch marks on your lawn.

Is an artificial lawn child friendly?

The silicone in a modern artificial lawn creates a soft non-abrasive surface suitable for children. As all lawn products vary in quality, ask your supplier to provide a sample before you buy.

Is an artificial lawn suitable for animals?

Many animals have been observed on artificial grass with no problems to report and they seem content to roam on the surface. Some consumers have expressed concern that animals may dig up the grass but this is generally not a problem. If your pet is prone to digging, you simply need to ensure the edges of your artificial lawn are firmly fixed.

Why should anyone buy an artificial lawn?

Artificial grass requires no maintenance and is designed to be realistic. Stop mowing the grass and enjoy a perfect lawn with your new astro turf garden.

Dog Runs

Is artificial turf recommended as a dog run?

Artificial turf provides low maintenance flooring for your dog run. The synthetic surface is also a lawn solution for owners of energetic dogs that have worn away or dug up real grass.

Is urine or excrement a problem?

Animal urine simply wash away in the rain while any excrement (poo) should simply be removed. Neither will cause any discolouration to the synthetic grass dog run.

Is odor a problem?

If the artificial turf dog run is clean, any smell should not be retained in the grass. On occasions it may be necessary to use cleaning products.

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